Dhairya Malhotra

A Fast Convergent Boundary Integral Framework for Slender Bodies

SIAM Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA

Dhairya Malhotra and Alex Barnett - July 19, 2022

The dynamics of active and passive filaments in viscous fluids is frequently used as a model for many complex fluids in biological systems such as: microtubules which are involved in intracellular transport and cell division; flagella and cilia which aid in locomotion. The numerical simulation of such systems is generally based on slender-body theory which give asymptotic approximations of the solution. However, these methods are low-order and cannot enforce no-slip boundary conditions to high-accuracy, uniformly over the boundary. Boundary-integral equation methods which completely resolve the fiber surface have so far been impractical due to the prohibitive cost of current layer-potential quadratures for such high aspect-ratio geometries. In this talk, we will present new quadrature schemes which make such computations possible and new integral equation formulations which lead to well-conditioned linear systems upon discretization. We will present numerical results to show the efficiency of our methods.