Mariano I. Gabitto

Simons Foundation

I'm a research scientist at the Flatiron Institute's Center for Computational Biology, working with Richard Bonneau (F.I. / New York Univ.) and Gordon Fishell (Harvard Medical School / Broad Institute).

I work in the fields of machine learning and computational neuroscience. My research focuses on applying statistical and machine learning methods to decipher how networks of genes and molecules within cells interact to give rise to the cellular diversity observed in organisms.

I completed my PhD in Neuroscience at Columbia University working with Charles Zuker. While there, I had the good fortune to work with Liam Paninski, Larry Abbott and Tom Jesell. After completing my Ph.D., I visited Mike Jordan's Group at U.C. Berkeley to work on Bayesian nonparametric methods for superresolution imaging.

E-mail: [email protected]   CV

Here are some highlights of my work.

Selected Publications

  1. Mariano I. Gabitto*, Anders Rasmussen, Orly Wapinski, Kathryn Allaway, Nicholas Carriero, Gordon J. Fishell, Richard Bonneau* (2019). Characterizing the epigenetic landscape of populations from bulk and single-cell ATAC-seq. bioarxiv.* Co-correspondent.
  1. L.B. Sweeney , J.B. Bikoff , M. I. Gabitto* , S. Brenner-Morton , M. Baek, J. H. Yang, E. G. Tabak, J.S. Dasen, C. R. Kintner, T. M. Jessell (2018). Origin and Segmental Diversity of Spinal Inhibitory Interneurons. Neuron.* Co-correspondent.
  1. M. I. Gabitto*, A. Pakman, J.B. Bikoff, L.F. Abbott, L. Paninski* (2016). Bayesian Inference of Spinal Interneuron Populations Reveals Diverse and Spatially Clustered Cell Types. Cell.* Co-correspondent.
  1. J.B. Bikoff, M. I. Gabitto, Drobac E, Machado T., Miri A., M. Mentis G., Jesell T. M. (2016). V1 interneuron diversity reveals motor pool and joint-specific spinal inhibitory micro-circuits. Cell.
  1. X. Chen, M.I. Gabitto, Y. Peng, N. Ryba and C. S. Zuker. (2011). A gustotopic map of taste qualities in the mammalian brain. Science.
  1. T. Komiyama, T. Sato, D. O’Connor, Y. Zhang, D. Huber, B. Hooks, M.I. Gabitto, and K. Svoboda. (2010). Learning-related fine-scale specificity imaged in motor cortex circuits of behaving mice. Nature.
  1. A. Granada, M.I. Gabitto, G. Garcia, J. Alliende, J. Mendez, M.A. Trevisan, and G.B. Mindlin. (2006). The generation of respiratory rhythms in birds. Physica A.
    Physica A