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Dr. Shirley Ho


Princeton University 

PhD in Astrophysical Sciences                                                                                           2008

University of California Berkeley 

Bachelor of Arts with Highest Honors in Physics and Computer Science               2004

Academic Appointments

Flatiron Institute, Center for Computational Astrophysics                                2018-now 

Group Leader, Cosmology X Data Science

Princeton University

Visiting Research Associate                                                                                      2018-now

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory                                                                2016-2018

Senior Scientist, Physics Division

Carnegie Mellon University                                                                                      

Associate (with Indefinite Tenure) Professor of Physics                                    2016-2018

Cooper-Siegel Faculty Development Chair of Physics                                        2015-2018

Associate Professor of Physics                                                                                2015-2016

Assistant Professor of Physics                                                                                 2011-2015

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,                                                               2008-2012

Chamberlain and Seaborg Fellow


Total Number of Citations: 31741 ; h-index: 51, i-index: 100

Total Number of Publications: 145 

2015 Carnegie Science Award 

2014 Macronix Prize

2012 University of Tokyo RESCEU Professorship  

2011 NASA Group Achievement Award

2008-2011 Seaborg Fellowship, Chamberlain Fellowship

2004-2005 Princeton University Graduate Fellowship, 

2004-2008 Princeton University Korn Prize for Outstanding Graduate Students at Princeton

2002-2004 UC Berkeley International Student Undergraduate Scholarship 

2000-2004 UC Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Research Scholarship