Alex's music page: bands, compositions, transcriptions, recordings

I love playing keyboards (and in the past, occasionally singing or clarinet) in various styles: jazz, funk/soul, classical, salsa, tango, musicals, orchestras, chamber groups, accompanist, rehearsal pianist. Here's a selection of musical activities, transcriptions, compositions, and MP3s. Skip down to:

Bands / Performances / Recordings


There are only three of the following that I'm both proud of and enjoy performing: Tompkins Square Park, Wedding Song for Liz, and Alex's Funk Tune. I'm also proud of the Orgasm Inc compositions. The rest are mostly just embarrassing, over-complicated experiments. Enjoy!


Transcribing is probably the best way to learn any piece, solo, or new musical style. It is time-consuming but makes you listen like never before. Since many excellent tunes are not in any Real Books (including the Latin Real Book), it's also a necessity. Most of the charts below were written for various musical groups I've been involved in. Most of them are not in print to my knowledge. I hope you find them useful - please download (they're in GIF, PDF, or PNG formats), print, and play! You may need to form your own group to do play some of them. For the salsa, usually the singer already knew their stuff, so they don't include the lead vocal part.








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