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Welcome! Here is my CV.

To find out about our group's research, and my contact details, see the new Center for Computational Mathematics, Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation, and the Numerical Analysis area. Research topics at CCM include signal processing, PDE, numerical analysis, fast algorithms, data analysis, statistics, deep learning, quantum simulation, neuroscience, and software libraries.

Many of my papers are on arXiv, most are in google scholar; also see outreach and education. Research and teaching from 2017 and earlier is also at my former academic page as a professor of mathematics at Dartmouth College.

You can find some of my numerical software projects on github and on CCM's software page.

We seek high-quality submissions to the journal Advances in Computational Mathematics (ACOM), for which I am co-Editor in Chief. We have a special issue on integral equations, deadline August 2020 July 2021. In 2019 I was the main organizer for Flatiron-Wide Algorithms and Mathematics (FWAM).

Wednesdays at 10am we have the CCM Colloquium / Group Meeting (which used to be the Numerical analysis seminar). Sometimes fortnightly Tuesdays 9:30am we run the new Scientific Computing Seminar & Concepts (see here for lecture notes; please join in).

Recent research images and movies

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Fresnel scalar diffraction intensity from a hard-edged occulter, to 12-digit accuracy, at 106 targets, in 0.05 s on a laptop. The petal design is a "starshade" for exoplanet astronomy (JATIS '21). 2D periodic rheology simulation via boundary integral equations: 25 rigid neutrally-buoyant ellipses per unit cell in a shearing Stokes flow (with J. Wang, E. Nazockdast; JCP '21) 3D acoustic wave equation via high-order Volterra time-domain boundary integral equations: pulsed plane wave scattering from smooth cruller shape to 5-digit accuracy (with T. Hagstrom, L. Greengard; JCP '20).

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