1;4205;0c CCM Seminar, Flatiron Institute

CCM Seminar (formerly Numerical Analysis seminar)

Our seminar focuses on efficient computational methods for numerical problems, mostly phrased in a mathematical language, arising in areas of science throughout the Institute and beyond. Topics include signal processing and data analysis (neural spike sorting, cryo-EM, imaging); computational statistics (Bayesian, MCMC, variational, robust inference, microbiome); deep learning (equivariant networks); PDEs (fluid flow, wave scattering), integral equations, spectral methods, fast algorithms (i.e., close to optimal complexity); software libraries and programming. We discuss research topics as well as review classical topics in numerical analysis and statistics.

As of Fall 2020, the new time is 10am-11:30am on Wednesdays, unless as announced. We (used to) meet in person at CCM in the 3rd-floor classroom (unless otherwise announced; sometimes round-table meetings are in 4th-floor conference room). Since 3/25/20 we meet on zoom. All from Flatiron are welcome, and guests from outside must arrange a visitor's pass.

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