Alex Barnett

Professor, Applied Mathematics
Former coordinates:
Kemeny, room 206, tel (603) 646-3178
Applied Math Lab: Kemeny, room 209

Former physical mail:
Department of Mathematics
6188 Kemeny Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH, 03755

*** Warning: this is a snapshot of my old Dartmouth academic page from 2017, with updates on former group members. Some links are broken. For current work see here. ***
Research  support: National
NSF     Wetterhahn Award
Jeffe Fellowship
Bio and CV;     Professional statement (2016) Note: As of November 2017, I have moved full time to the Flatiron Institute in NYC, heading the Numerical Analysis effort in the brand-new Center for Computational Mathematics (CCM). We work on computational methods, and software implementations, including PDEs, neuroscience, imaging, data analysis, statistics, and numerical libraries.

Publications, talks, and notes     (also see google scholar)

Seminars and conferences: I started and ran Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar from 2006-2015. I was the main organizer for the 100-person workshop Modern Advances in Computational and Applied Mathematics at Yale, June 2017.

Recent group members:

Paula Chen '17. Senior thesis on spike sorting algorithms for neural electrical recordings with overlapping spikes. Ph.D program at Brown, DAM, started Sept 2018.
Matthew Jin '17. NSF-funded undergraduate researcher measuring topology statistics of nodal sets of random plane waves. Now a data-sci and engineer at Microsoft.
Larry (Yuxiang) Liu, Ph.D June 2016 (Physics). Thesis. Topic: fast algorithms for Helmholtz and Maxwell scattering from periodic arrays of obstacles via the MFS. After a postdoc in applied physics with Owen Miller's group at Yale, Larry became a quant at RBS, Optiver, and now Citadel.
Min Hyung Cho. Computational optics, electromagnetics, fast algorithms, layered media. IACM Instructor July 2012 - June 2015. Tenure-track at UMASS Lowell, started July 2015.
Lin Zhao, Ph.D June 2015. Thesis. Topic: integral equations for Laplace eigenvalue and doubly-periodic electrostatics and Stokes flow problems. Lin went into investment research at INTECH, now a software engineer at Bloomberg.
Adrianna Gillman. Research areas: fast direct solvers, PDEs, integral equations. JWY Instructor July 2011 - June 2014. Tenure-track at Rice started July 2014; now at CU Boulder.

Prospective grad students: although the 1st-yr qual includes foundational pure math, the 2nd-yr can be applied, and there is an excellent applied/computational group at Dartmouth. Do apply!

Other collaboration & mentoring:

Teaching  students should check out our applied courses roadmap

Service to College on Student Life

  • Letter to President Hanlon on Sexual Assault and the Greek System (Sept 2013). Contains useful references for anyone who cares about reducing rape on campus.
  • Opening statement for The Great Debate on the future of the Greek system at Dartmouth (April 2014). Accompanying reading list documenting effects of Greek life on student wellbeing.
  • Letter to The Dartmouth re article in Green Key special issue (May 2014).
  • Statement for Moving Dartmouth Forward Committee on Extreme Behaviors (Aug 2014).
  • Our letter signed by at least 239 faculty, on phasing out the Greek system. (Nov 2014). Faculty voted on this issue 11/3/14: 116 for, 13 against, 3 abstain.
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Images from our group used for SMS/CRM 2015 poster:

Periods, pitches & pipes: a new middle-school teaching module connecting music and math. Megan Martinez, Alex Barnett (via GK12 and NSF, 2013)


Quasi-periodic scattering from dielectric gratings (2010):

My front cover, Notices of the AMS (2008):

MFS basis stability for the Helmholtz equation (2004):

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