Homework #1 codes: toeplitz.m, svdtime.m, poly.m,

Homework #2 codes: lagrange.m, hw2fns.m, lagrange_eq.m, lagrange_cheby.m, interp_error.m, interp_error_cheby.m, lbasis_sup.m,

Homework #3 codes: complex_vis.m, gaussquad.m, periodquad.m, quad.m,

Homework #4 codes: ct_nodes.m, gauss_nodes.m, lapfsplot.m, laplacefs.m, nystrom.m,

Homework #5 codes: boundplot.m, bvp.m, gausslaw.m, param.m,

Homework #6 codes: bvphelmerror.m, bvphelmvis.m, hlkervis.m, hlker.m, scathelm.m, scathelmconv.m,
  faster version of hlker.m: hlker2.m (hasn't been integrated into codes)

Homework #7 codes: multipole.m, srctargint.m,

Final Project

Here are some movies that I made for the presentation
Here are all the codes used for generating data/figures/movies.